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Friday, September 04, 2009

My Prayer: To Others That Are Different In Other's Eye's

Why do children make fun of those that are different?
It hurt me when they made fun of me just because I'm a little slow
And as an audit I can't do some things I would like to

Being made fun of made me lean to hide my feeling's
And take's me a grate deal of time to tell someone or anyone my feelings

As a kid I had some friends who did not care that I was different
Having friends in the Special Olympics is the greatest

Why can't you see that everyone is special in God's eye's
Everyone should be liked for who they are not what they are

Every child should find something to feel safe and secure
Friend's that like you for you

Being different is good in a special way
You learn thing's from others that you normally would not learn

If we did not have different people the world would be boning
And then what would you do?

Next time you see someone that's different in your eye's
Ask why do you make fun of someone that different in your eye's?
Ask why you think that way and get to know them better

Everyone fine someone someday

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Jennifer Hoover (Special Olympics Athlete and Advocate)